1.  What features does onePA offer?

  • OnePA offers you the convenience of registering and paying for Community Club/Water-Venture courses, activities and resources (facilities, holiday facilitaties, equipment/storage) online.
  • You will also be able to sign up for memberships (including PAssion Card Membership) and interest groups online.
  • You can also locate the Community Club/Water-Ventures nearest your home or any postal code.


2.  Where can I find the contact details for a CC or the nearest CC to my home?

     You may find the Search panel on the banner of the home page.

  • Click on PA Outlets tab and key “CC” to list all community clubs or name of the community club in the Find a location field
  • Select the desire community club from the list by clicking on the image or name to view the contact details.


3.  How do I find class, facility, event and activity? 

  • You may key in the desired class, facility, event or activity in the Search panel on the Home Page. Click on the Search icon. At the search result page, you may further narrow your search by using the filters provided on the left hand side of the page. 
  • You may also click on the magnifying glass icon located at the top right of the menu bar to pull down a search option. Key in the search keyword and select the specify type to narrow the search or unselect to search all types. In the search result page my further filter the search.



1.  What is the PAssion Card?

  • The PAssion Card is a membership card for PA grassroots leaders and members of the Community Clubs/Water-Ventures Holders of the PAssion Card are entitled to discounts at Community Clubs/Water-Ventures. For more information, please visit www.passioncard.com.sg


2. What is the difference between the PAssion Card and CC membership?

  • All PAssion Card holders are CC members but CC members who signed up before Dec 2004 may not be PAssion Card holders. If you are a CC member without a PAssion Card, our CC staff will advise you on the conversion process.
  • PAssion Card membership applies to all CCs, whereas CC membership applies only to a particular CC.


3.  Can I sign up for PAssion Card online?

  • You can sign up by online portal as well as from CC’s
  • Online portal
    • Passion card icon --> sign up for membership
    • Bottom Right Corner “Sign up for Membership”


4.  Are memberships transferable?

  • No. There is to be no transferring of membership as a person's membership is applicable to all Community Club/Water-Ventures.


5.  Where do I renew my membership online?

  • Online renewal hyperlinks are displayed on the 'Sign up for Membership/Renewal' section, below each of the membership icon. You can also sign up via online portal which will allow you to carry out online renewal through the 'Renew Membership' hyperlink.


6.  I tried to renew my membership, but encountered a windows message telling me that I do not qualify for renewal. Why is this so?

  • This is because the membership that you currently hold is valid for at least another 15 months from today. Membership renewal can only be performed if your membership expires within 15 months from today.


7.  I have a membership card, but there is no renewal hyperlink for the membership that I have. Why is this so?

  • Certain memberships cannot be renewed online. If the membership that you are trying to renew online does not have a renewal link, then that membership cannot be renewed online. You will need to approach a counter staff at the nearest CC for the renewal of such memberships.



1.  Are there any online discounts for PAssion Card members?

  • You will be eligible for discounts on those products (courses, activities, resource booking) offering PAssion Card membership discounts online.


2.  What are the membership types and their associated benefits?

  • There are three membership rate tiers: PAssion, Others (Community Club/Water-Venture membership, Interest Group membership), and non-member rate.
  • PAssion rates usually offers the best discount rates (or at least equal to premium rate) to others.


3.  Why do facility/course charges differ from Community Club/Water-Venture to Community Club/Water-Venture?

  • Facility charges are dependent on, among other factors, the quality of the facility, the location of the Community Club/Water-Venture and the loading of the facility (peak hours).
  • Course charges are dependent on, among other factors, the quality of the venue, the location of the Community Club/Water-Venture, the expected sign up rate and the cost of course materials.


1.  Why are some badminton courts not available for online booking?

  • All CCs will have at least one badminton court available for online-booking, if not all courts. However, there have been public requests to allow for walk-in bookings, so as to benefit those who are not IT-savvy or do not have internet access, or who do not have VISA or Debit cards. Hence, a small number of CCs still keep some courts for walk-in bookings.


2.  How can I cancel my registration/booking?

  • Registrations/bookings are confirmed once you have paid for them. However, if you have a valid reason, please contact the offering/organizing Community Club/Water-Venture and it will consider your request.


3:  How can I find out more about a course/activity?

  • You can

A.   Search for a course or activity via the 'Search' icon on the portal.

B.   For advance Search enter details in ‘More Search Option’.

C.   The detail page will contain other information like the profile of the instructor (if applicable), class size, vacancies and the cost of the course/activity for all membership types.


4.  Can I register for a course on behalf of another person?

  • Yes, you can. However, you will have to provide their NRIC during the registration process.
  • You can pay on behalf of another person.


5.  Why are some dates unavailable on the booking calendar?

  • You will not be able to select a booking date for a facility if the facility is closed or fully booked for that day.


6.   How far ahead can I book a facility?

  • You may book popular facilities e.g. badminton courts, 15 days ahead in advance.
  • The new booking window for these facilities starts at 10.00pm each day.
  • For example you can book a badminton court on the 23rd Jan at 10:00pm on 7th Jan. Before 10:00pm on 7th Jan, you can book a badminton court in advance up to 22nd Jan.
  • For other facilities like conference rooms and studios, the booking window may vary.


7.   Can I change the timing for my facility booking?

  • Online bookings are confirmed once you have paid for them. However, if you have a valid reason and if the new timing is available, please contact the Community Club/Water-Venture involved to request a change.


8.   Will I lose my resource (facility, holiday facility, equipment/storage) booking if I do not pay for it?

  • Booking of resource is based on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • For online bookings, you must make payment online in order to confirm your booking. 


9.   Will I lose my course/activity registration if I do not pay for it?

  • Booking of course/activity is based on a first-come-first-serve approach. For online bookings, you must make payment online in order to confirm your booking.


10.  Can I pay for my online facility booking via cheque?

  • We regret that you must pay online for online facility bookings.
  • This is to prevent the abuse of facility bookings by speculators.


11.  How do I view my bookings/registrations and transaction history?

  • To view transaction on the top right side click on your name a drop down list will be shown, click on Dashboard --> My Transaction.


12.  How do I register on OnePA?

  • Click the Sign Up link at the bottom of the page.
  • You will need a Singpass account to sign-in to proceed to create an account with onePA.


13.  What are the benefits of Online Portal?

  • Online portal will enable you to:
    • view your transaction history,
    • view membership renewal information & renew,
    • view customised promotions upon login,
    • reprint receipts,
    • change personal particulars and preferences,
    • pay for any outstanding products.


14.  How can I apply the relevant promotional discounts or linkpoint redemptions during registration of courses or activities?

  • At the online course / activity registration page, you will be able to select the promotion code from the drop down list in shopping cart.


15.  Will I be reminded to attend my class or activity automatically?

  • Yes, you will receive an SMS reminder to attend your class or activity three days before the commencement of the class or activity.


16.   Will I be reminded if a class or activity is being rescheduled or cancelled automatically?

  • Yes, you will receive an SMS informing of the rescheduling or cancellation.


17   Will I be able to book and pay for any product (course, activity, resource) at any Community Club/Water-Venture?

  • Yes, you will be able to book and pay for any product at any Community Club/Water-Venture, provided the product is not limited to over the counter registration.
  • However, any refund or withdrawal can only be done at the Community Club/Water-Venture offering the product.


Online Payment

1.  What are the payment modes available? Which are the supported credit cards/debit cards?

  • For online payment, all VISA and MASTERCARD cards are supported.
  • We also offer Internet Banking as another mode of payment. This allows for those who do not posses a credit card but who have an Internet Banking account with DBS, POSB, Citibank or UOB to make payment.


2.  Can I pay for another person?

  • Yes, you may pay for another person.


3.   How will the receipt be issued for online payment?

  • A receipt page will be displayed upon successful payment. You may print out this page for your reference. You can also choose to have a copy of the receipt emailed to your designated email address.
    • If you wish to obtain a re-print of your receipt you can go to My Dashboard --> Transactions --> PDF
    • You need not print the receipt as proof of payment. The Community Club/Water-Venture can verify your booking/registration using your NRIC.
    • For more help, please contact the onePA Helpdesk at 63456163 or email helpdesk@onepa.sg


4.  If my online payment transaction fails, will my transaction be processed?

  • No, your transaction will be cancelled if payment is not successful.


5.  Can I cancel my online or over the counter payment?

  • Registrations/bookings are confirmed once you have paid for them.
  • However, we do make exceptions. If you have a valid reason, please contact the Community Club/Water-Venture offering the product.


6.  Can I get a refund for my online or over the counter payment?

  • Refunds are generally not allowed unless the Community Club/Water-Venture subsequently cancels or reschedules the course or activity. In such a situation, you may collect your refund at the Community Club/Water-Venture offering the product if you do not wish to receive a cheque in the mail.
  • If you wish to initiate a request for refund, you will have to complete a Refund Request form at the Community Club/Water-Venture offering the product. Such requests are subject to approval and hence will not be processed immediately.


7.  What should I do if I want to dispute my credit card charge?


Log On/Out

1.   How do I log-into onePA portal?

  • The Login can be found at the top of the screen. Clicking it will prompt you to log in via your SINGPASS.
  • Enter your SINGPASS ID and password to sign-in.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your 2FA authentication OTP received via SMS. 
  • Enter your OTP to login.


2.   What do I do if I do not have a SINGPASS?


3.   Do I need to sign-out?

  • We strongly advise that you sign out after each session. If you have signed in, you can find the “Log Out” tab as you mouse over your name at the top of the screen. Click on the “Log Out” to log out of onePA.
  • If you do not log out, the system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of non-activity to prevent any fraudulent use of your identity.


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