SkillsFuture@PA TCM Gua Sha (Stage 1)


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From04 Jun 2018
To02 Jul 2018

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5 session(s) on every Monday

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From07:30 PM
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Lecture Room 1, Lvl 3

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04 Jun 2018

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Venue: Lecture Room 1, Lvl 3


Liew Nam Yick

Liew Nam Yick has obtained Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been registered as TCM physician in Singapore. He has a few years of experience in the teaching Chinese Massage in the private Institute and able to demonstrate and talk about his Chinese Massage techniques. He is also a volunteer physician in Public Free Clinic.

Professional Qualifications (Certificates)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician Registration Certificate from Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act 2000,
Certificate (TCM & Acupuncture & Moxibustion) from Institute of Chinese Medical Studies,
Advanced Certiciate in Training & Assessment from Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications

Course Description

Gua Sha or Scraping is a form of TCM natural therapy based on the theory of meridians. Gua means to rub or cause friction while "Sha" is a reddish, elevated skin rash which reflects the pathological change on the skin itself after scraping."Gua Sha" treatment helps to release muscle tightness,pain and constriction, a significant release of muscular tension, decreasing stiffness and increasing mobility after treatment.

1. Understand basic theory of TCM meridians
2. Define "Gua Sha" or scrapping, concept and techniques
3. Locate acupoints from the main meridians
Learn to use "Gua Sha" or scraping treatment to improve the chronic pains at workplace such as headache, stiff neck, shoulder pain, finger numbness and back pain etc.


Bishan CC

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No prerequisite course required.

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